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Global Presence
Our Spirit of Foundation
Our Corporate Mission

We will continue to explore and develop our original Monozukuri(*) and thereby contribute to the global society by providing trusted and attractive products.

* "Monozukuri" is a Japanese word without an English equivalent: it expresses dedication and craftsmanship devoted to the whole production process

Guidance for Conduct
The "Musashi Spirit"
  • Customer first
  • Integrity
  • Resourcefulness
  • Hard work
  • Cooperation for the common goal
  • Remember our rights and responsibilities

Our Spirit of Foundation

  • Shitsujitsu-Goken (Simple and Sturdy)

    Shitsujitsu-Goken represents our basic attitude towards ourselves.
    Within this expression there is a spirit of humility, of high motives, of being self disciplined and self sufficient, and enabling one to have a strong and sturdy attitude.

  • Shisei-Ikkan (Consistent Sincerity)

    Shisei Ikkan represents our fundamental attitude toward others.
    It expresses an underlying attitude of honesty, with a profound determination to make the best use of yourself and the organization in a spirit of co-existence and co-prosperity.

  • Shitsujitsu-Goken and Shisei-Ikkan interact with each other.
    Our founder repeatedly said,

    “We have seen many companies rise and fall in history and I witnessed this in my own long life.
    We must not forget the fact that a group of people who were united in the spirit of Shitsujitsu-Goken and had the trait of Shisei-Ikkan rarely died out.”

Our Corporate Mission

  • We

    Each individual who works for Musashi plays a leading role in fulfilling the Corporate Mission.
    Musashi respects and acknowledges the individual characteristics that each individual brings to our business operations. Our Corporate Mission starts with "we" in order to express the need for every associate within Musashi to be actively involved in educating, embracing and applying the corporate mission within their working lives.

  • Continue to explore and develop our original Monozukuri

    Musashi's continued growth must be supported by exploring and developing our unique Monozukuri.
    Throughout our history Musashi has won contracts with customers from all over the world as a result of exploring and developing our own unique technology and ideas, which others are unable to copy. This is at the root of Musashi's business operations.

  • Win the trust of people from all over the world

    Musashi has a global view of business.
    We have a strong desire to avoid being bound to any specific geographical area. We wish to develop our business in every part of the globe and respond to the expectations of people wherever they may be; we want them to both want and trust Musashi's products.

  • By providing attractive products

    We can recognise "attractive products" when customers make complimentary comments about their value or their quality.
    We must always consider what features are attractive from the customer's point of view and endeavour to provide those features. High quality and good value are pre-requisites for any product to be attractive to a customer.

  • Contribute to the global society

    No individual or corporation can exist in isolation from the rest of the world. As a member of this global society, Musashi strongly desires to contribute to its healthy development through our business operations.

Guidance for Conduct
The "Musashi Spirit"

  • 1)Customer first

    “Customer First” requires us to see every aspect of our work from the customer’s point of view, and thereby ensure complete customer satisfaction when we complete the work.
    We will gain the trust of our customers by recognizing who they are, firmly grasping their real needs and expectations, and then responding to those needs swiftly.

  • 2)Integrity

    We should be committed to doing our work wholeheartedly at all times, whilst being straightforward and honest in the way that we go about it.
    We should value our relationships with others, keeping to our promises and following all of the rules and regulations. We should not lie, cheat, or try to hide our mistakes. We should be willing to express our opinions and make our points honestly and politely.

  • 3)Resourcefulness

    We should never be satisfied with the current situation: we should always be thinking about, and trying out new creative ideas in order to improve our performance.
    As the world moves rapidly forwards: anyone who fails to keep up will be left behind: standing still is just the same as going backwards!
    This is applicable in every aspect of our business. Engineering, Research and Development, Manufacturing, Production Control, Management etc: every department must identify the real root causes of problems and endeavour to find ways to eliminate them.

  • 4)Hard Work

    “Hard work” means concentrating all of our effort into what we are doing and not giving up, compromising, or cutting corners until the task has been completed.
    Such effort also leads to our personal growth and development: by challenging and overcoming difficult problems and achieving our goals we experience a deep sense of achievement and satisfaction.

  • 5)Cooperation for the common goal

    “Cooperation for the common goal” is about combining the individual abilities of each player into the greater combined power of a united team. Monozukuri is a team game.
    We can overcome any kind of difficulty if every member of the world-wide Musashi Group is able to use their strengths and compensate for their weaknesses within a supportive team. The first requirement for any team is good communication, which enables everyone to share the common goal and understand one another. There is nothing stronger than a united, cohesive team dedicated to a common purpose.

  • 6)Remember our rights and responsibilities

    We should fulfil our own duties and also respect other people’s rights.
    Our actual rights and responsibilities depend on our particular roles and positions. Each of us should identify what our own responsibilities are and also ensure that we understand the rights of those around us.

Our Corporate Logo

Our Corporate Logo

Our Corporate Logo(April, 2008)

Our Corporate Logo

Our corporate logo is designed to visualize Musashi’s philosophy. The corporate logo of Musashi consists of our three circle emblem and our type-faced name. The three circles of the emblem depict passion, wisdom and harmony. Together the three circles symbolize our global business operations.

The strong font used for the Musashi type-face aims to reflect the spirit of foundation: simple, sturdy, consistent and sincere. The line going diagonally up from A to I pictures the determination for steady future growth.

Our Corporate color(April, 2008)

Musashi's corporate colors are“Musashi Black” and "Musashi Red". As with the typeface these colours reflect the Spirit of Foundation.

  • Musashi Black

    "Musashi Black" has the dark grey hue of steel, and is intended to convey seriousness, strength, a sense of exploration and ingenuity.

  • Musashi Red

    Deep Musashi Red conveys sincerity, wholeheartedness, dedication and passion